Former NHL player, coach
Television Color Analyst for the Nashville Predators.


Los Angeles Kings Television Play-By-Play Announcer
Hockey Hall Of Fame Inductee

“I have been the recipient of several commemorative wine bottles designed by Doug Mann.  The bottles featured stylish etching done by hand.  Some included a color photo lasered onto a mini-canvas which was then inlaid onto the bottle.  The bottles also featured various logos which were painted by hand.  All were done with precision and style, and have elicited many favorable comments from all who have viewed them.

Their most frequent comment is:  “That looks great, who did it for you?  It’s a great idea for a gift, where can I order one?”

CBS Sports Play-By-Play Announcer (NFL and NCAA)
New York Knicks Radio and TV Play-By-Play Announcer

“The personalized commemorative wine bottle which I received from Doug Mann remains one of the most treasured gifts that I have ever been given.  The design and artwork is of the highest quality and the bottle overall is ‘off the charts’.  I’ve received so many compliments on it.”

Nashville Predators Television Play-By-Play Announcer

“I could not believe the care and attention to detail that was so evident from Doug Mann, when I commissioned him to design a special wine bottle for my long-time broadcast partner, Terry Crisp.

He walked me through each step of the process, explaining not only the development of the gift, but the wine it was to contain. He kept me updated on a regular basis, particularly regarding the design.

Anyone who wants to give a gift that is truly special and very unique, should give strong consideration to using Doug Mann and ’The Valedictorian Company’. You won’t be sorry that you did!”